• MAM-Ki-Treff
    Join with your little ones for a fun morning, taking over Gipfeli and Coffee or Tea, while the little ones can play along.
  • Brunch at church
    Sunday, July 2, 2023, 17:00 -20:00 Sunday, August 20, 2023, 17:00 – 20:00 On the lawn in Glattpark
  • Start into the new year 2023
    In the new year we start with new offers. These are not so much offers as spaces to cultivate community, to get to know each other and to connect with people from the neighborhood.
  • Sun greeting against Monday blues
    Let the past be behind, and benevolently greet the new week to come! Just 30 minutes. A point at the beginning of the week to consciously, together but for myself, venture into the new week, can do miracles. Join us on Monday 7:30 AM  Wear comfortable clothes, but no sweat as we will sit!  KiG, Wunderkammer, … Read more
  • After-work-meditation
    After work, before going home, simply exhale and unload what has occupied me during the day. Meditation, very simple, with a word from Scripture or a contemplation. Silence. Letting restlessness and thoughts go. Nowadays, for many, it has become a luxury to give myself time for introspection and to come into harmony with myself, the … Read more