My story

I would love to erase it from my life. Sentences like, “After almost two years of home office, wearing masks and regulations, I’ve been known to get easily irritated, even on the smallest of occasions.”, are not uncommon perceptions of our contemporaries. Debriefing- A way to deal with my history.

Even you already don’t feel like opening this box, but… it has changed all of us, our circumstances, our relationships and living and working conditions. Our future will be shaped by this experience for a long time, if not all of our lives. No one wants to hear about it anymore. You don’t want to get on your friends’ and family’s nerves about it, and besides, they’ve had enough of it themselves.

But — if you really want to put this painful chapter behind you, then I recommend that you let yourself be debriefed by our specialist. Get it off your chest. That means, you let yourself be guided, while you walk again the roads from different angles, which may still disturb or affect your life.

What does this bring? Gain a new perspective on the realities of your life. Release thoughts and feelings that seem to hold a grip on your subconscious. AND most importantly, allow yourself the time to embrace new strategies and fresh guiding thoughts that will allow you to move into the future with renewed strength and greater ease.

What do you have to do?
Make an appointment. Plan a time frame of about one and a half hours for a conversation. Depending on your needs and arrangements, you can make further appointments.
Our consultants are available on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday from 10:00 -12:00 a.m., 2:00-4:00 p.m. or by individual arrangement.

Just use the contact form below or your e-mail with your name and possibly with information about the reason for the consultation.

All information will of course be treated confidentially.

Rita H., Project Manager, Church in Glattpark

We wish everyone in the neighborhood much joy and health in everyday life. 😇