Now is your time to talk. With smart questions you come up with your own solutions. It can be that simple. Let’s plan for one hour at a time and you will get closer to new think & life patterns which will make a difference. Rita is a life coach. Connect here.

  • Saying of the week
    Make sure that what you live for is what you are willing to die for. Charles F. Stanley, 1953 – 2023 translated by Rita H.
  • After Summer Break…
    From July 15 – August 18 we are on summer break. Until then, we are welcoming you to our Café and German conversation. After summer again for Brunch, Café, German Conversation and more… Your Glattpark Team
  • German Conversation
    Every Wednesday from 11:00 – 12:00 it is your time to talk and gather experience with the German language. If you took up some German Classes and never get enough opportunity to practise, then we are a good fit for you! If you are a level A2 – B1 you should be just fine!
  • Life Coaching
    It can be very simple, but still so difficult to find someone to just listen. The solution lies in you. Good questions will help get to the core understanding of yourself and how to move forward in your situation. Contact Rita through the contact form for a first meeting, free of charge, and we will… Read more: Life Coaching
    Join with your little ones for a fun morning, taking over Gipfeli and Coffee or Tea, while the little ones can play along.