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German Conversation

Every Wednesday from 11:00 – 12:00 it is your time to talk and gather experience with the German language. If you took up some German Classes and never get enough opportunity to practise, then we are a good fit for you! If you are a level A2 – B1 you […]

Life Coaching

It can be very simple, but still so difficult to find someone to just listen. The solution lies in you. Good questions will help get to the core understanding of yourself and how to move forward in your situation. Contact Rita through the contact form for a first meeting, free […]

The voices from the Tohuwabohu

From the Tohuwabohu of voices around us, what they tell us, and which matter. Translated from Hebrew Tohuwabahu means a huge chaos. Humans are constantly exposed to a jumble of voices form inside and outside. The question often is, how to entangle those from time to time, that they make […]

Spirituality and you?

How does that go together? Spirituality is a container term. Not only does a lot of things fit into it, but also a lot of different things.What are you thinking about?That interests us as a young association that wants to be an added value for you in the neighborhood. We […]